The conference will be simultaneously interpreted from and to Czech, English and Russian.

9:00–10:45| Inspirations of the Courageous “Powerless”
Individual against the system, power of the powerless, solidarity... The communist-era dissent in Central Europe was deeply rooted in a strong, albeitdiverse philosophical, intellectual and moral milieu.Which of the values and inspirations of this milieu are still relevant today? Do we believe in democracy as much as the dissidents did then?

video address: Aung San Suu Kyi (opposition leader – Burma)
Kenan Aliyev (director of Azerbaijan Service at RFE/RL – Azerbaijan/CZ)
Henryk Wujec (co-founder of Solidarity – Poland)
Zmitser Dashkevich (leader of the unregistered youth opposition movement Young Front - Belarus)
Moderator: Šimon Pánek, People in Need, director

11:00–12:45 | Moral Support and Technical Assistance to Dissidents
Since the Cold War ended Western countries have developed a host of democracy promotion instruments aimed at technical assistance to rights defenders, journalists and dissidents.Yethas this trend been matched with Western diplomacies increasingly extending public moral support to dissidents if it means publicly challenging dictators or authoritarians?

video address: Emin Milli (writer, dissident – Azerbaijan)
Min Ko Naing (opposition activist, former political prisoner – Burma)
Rene de Jesus Gomez Manzano (lawyer, human rights defender – Cuba)
Oleksiy Matsuka (investigative journalist - Ukraine)
Moderator: Martina Maskova, Czech Radio Plus

12:45-14:30| Lunch

13:30 - 14:10| Optional film screening 1989 - From the Diary of Ivana A.

14:30–16:15| Authoritarians Growing Smarter
Authoritarians and dictators have become savvier in keeping in power by allowing more economic freedoms and liberalizing selected sectors of society while restricting political and civil freedoms and keeping harsh targeted repressions against critics.They also run successful charm offensives internationally such as through hosting glossy cultural and sports events. How have the risks and threats for dissidents in repressive countries evolved? And do repressive countries pose a threat to the democracies?
Moderator: Kateřina Šafaříková, journalist

Svetlana Gannushkina (Director of Civic Assistance, co-founder of Memorial – Russia)
Ala´a Shehabi (economist, activist – Bahrain/United Kingdom)
Jiang Shao (1989 Tiananmen student leader – China)